Author: Matt Haines

Book, Captain Burnham, and Grudge the cat

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4, “Kobayashi Maru”

Discovery’s season four opener is overflowing with nods to the decades of Star Trek that came before it. And with an episode title like Kobayashi Maru, we know we’re in store for some serious Trek nostalgia. At the outset, the message is clear. The Federation is back, baby!

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Invincible flying

Amazon’s Invincible Will Hook You

Amazon’s Invincible borrows some of the best qualities of The Boys while mixing in delightfully fresh takes on all your favorite superhero tropes, upending the genre and producing a welcome change of pace.

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Mr. Wilford stands in the snow

Wilford Has Cast His Spell On Snowpiercer

Mr. Wilford wants his train back. And while the people of Snowpiercer appear poised to give it to him, it’s less clear how exactly he’s managed to hold things together for so long on Big Alice.

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TV/Film Reviews

The Doomed Women of Colony

Colony features some of the strongest women on TV. Problem is, survival in this world is no easy task. Season two saw the L.A. Bloc’s women cut down at an alarming rate.

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